T&B Planning, Inc. provides consulting services to the land development and community planning industries in California and Pennsylvania. Services include Due Diligence; Planning and Zoning; CEQA and NEPA Compliance; Entitlement Permits; Development Services; and GIS and Graphics. Our 48-year reputation is distinguished by practicality, responsiveness, mitigating environmental impacts through project design, and delivering value-added services to our clients. From concept to construction-ready, T&B Planning is at your service.

Due Diligence

T&B Planning’s due diligence services are conducted by seasoned professionals with experience in property acquisition, planning, finance, and land development.

  • Data Gathering
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Engineering Feasibility Coordination
  • Entitlement Strategy
  • Environmental Compliance/Permitting Strategy
  • Fee Analysis
  • Letters of Intent
  • Physical Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
  • Political Strategy
  • Schedules
  • Site Photography
  • Title Report Review
  • Zoning and Land Use Review

Planning & Zoning

T&B Planning is distinguished for preparing well-written, concise, and clear planning documents, design guidelines, zoning ordinances, and other planning studies.  Our experience ranges from planning new master-planned communities, to assisting small rural towns, to providing detailed design and zoning reviews for public and private sector clients.

  • Community Character Analysis and Reports
  • Community Plans
  • Corridor Management Plans
  • Design
  • Design Guidelines
  • Eco- and Geo-Tourism Planning
  • Historic Preservation Planning
  • Master Plans
  • Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
  • Project Management & Team Coordination
  • Public Presentations and Surveys
  • Regional Plans
  • Specific Plans
  • Zoning Ordinances

CEQA & NEPA Compliance

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance is a core of our business. We routinely serve as the lead CEQA compliance consultant for public agencies and project applicants. We also prepare and collaborate on NEPA documents for projects with federal permitting or financing.

  • CEQA Documents and Notices
  • CEQA Exemptions
  • CEQA Strategy
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services
  • Mitigation by Design®
  • Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Programs
  • NEPA Documents and Notices
  • Project Management & Team Coordination
  • Public Meetings and Hearings
  • State and Federal Agency Permit Assistance
  • Technical Reports
  • Technical Report Review
  • Third Party Peer Review
  • Visual Quality & Light/Glare Analysis

Entitlement Permits

T&B Planning secures planning, zoning, and other entitlement approvals from government agencies that clear the path for land development.

  • Application Preparation and Submittal
  • Conditions of Approval Negotiation
  • Development Agreement Assistance
  • Entitlement Strategy
  • Environmental Permits
  • Government Agency Coordination
  • Land Use Designation Approvals
  • Subdivision Map Applications
  • Use Permits
  • Variances
  • Zoning

Development Services

Our Director of Development Services and team of development services professionals assist clients in obtaining permits and approvals necessary for grading and building construction.  We excel in seeing the end game and solving typical challenges encountered in moving projects towards construction.

  • Budgeting and Fee Analysis
  • Building and Grading Permits
  • CC&R Review
  • Clearing Conditions of Approval
  • Expediting Services
  • Government Agency Coordination
  • MMRP Compliance Oversight
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Property Maintenance Agreements
  • Schedule Management
  • Utility Agency Approvals

GIS & Graphics

Our GIS technicians and graphics specialists use an array of software programs to produce the visual imagery that support planning, environmental, design, and development services.

  • Aerial Photos and Site Photography
  • Base Maps
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Design Drawings
  • Environmental Resource Mapping
  • GIS Analysis and Mapping
  • GIS Database Development
  • Illustrated Drawings
  • Land Use Plans
  • Opportunities and Constraints Mapping
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Pre- and Post-Development Visual Comparisons
  • Presentation Materials
  • Report Graphics