T&B Planning’s strongest asset is our amazing group of employees.  Together we aim to exceed expectations and overcome challenges to make the impossible, possible.   We are go-getters and “doers” and have a unique way of interjecting fun and laughter into focused, efficient, effective, and professional work.  Success to us means:

  • Doing our work well.
  • Hearing “yes” and “approved” by decision-makers.
  • Having happy clients, employees, and project team partners.
  • Knowing that our work is improving communities.
  • Learning, growing, and having fun along the way.


T&B Planning Longevity History Photos

T&B Planning, Inc. has a long history and exciting future.  The firm was founded as Turrini & Brink in 1974 by Lou Turrini (an architect) and Bob Brink (an engineer).  They joined forces on the certainty that successful urban planning must combine the architect’s creativity with the engineer’s practicality.  Continuing today, our staff is still creative and still practical.  After the retirement of Lou and Bob, the firm was renamed T&B Planning Consultants, Inc. in 1992, and T&B Planning, Inc. in 2009.