Graphics-GIS - Since 1974, T&B Planning has worked on hundreds of projects in a variety of jurisdictions. Below is a representative sample of our range of projects. For a complete list of projects undertaken by our firm, please contact our office by phone or e-mail.

Ethanac Corridor
Riverside County, CA

T&B Planning prepared the high-profile “Ethanac Corridor Study” summary booklet. The Ethanac Corridor Planning Group was formed by multiple stakeholders along the Ethanac Road Corridor within the Harvest Valley/Winchester area of Riverside County, California to create a guiding vision for the western gateway connecting Interstate 215 with the inland City of Hemet.

T&B Planning conducted research and analysis to understand existing conditions; identified all applicable physical, environmental, and jurisdictional requirements; evaluated roadway classifications, community facilities, and parks/ trails; researched and projected all reasonably foreseeable development proposals; presented recommendations regarding required entitlements, land uses, residential product types, and density; prepared design guidelines for landscaping, signage, and lighting; and prepared a comprehensive update to Riverside County’s Harevst Valley/ Winchester Area Plan.

The project’s overview booklet by T&B Planning was released to the public in the fall of 2007. The booklet establishes design standards for landscape architecture, signage, and lighting design to ensure quality development and provide an aesthetically cohesive environment along the roadway corridor. T&B Planning also represented the project at public meetings and conducted project management and project processing.


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