About Us

About Us

aboutus01We are often asked what the letters in our name, “T” and “B,” represent. This is a story that we like to tell. T&B Planning was founded as Turrini & Brink in 1974 by Lou Turrini and Bob Brink, two industry leaders who believed that successful urban planning must combine the architect's creativity with the engineer's practicality. Turrini (the “T”) was the architect; Brink (the “B”), the engineer. Joining forces, our firm was born.

Since our founding over 40 years ago, T&B Planning has remained small in size but mighty in talent. We provide the most responsive, professional, and personalized service available to our clients. Employing a “client first” philosophy that is difficult for larger firms to deliver, our staff is committed to service, accuracy, and excellence.

We understand that it takes a unique combination of experience, talent, and ingenuity to create vibrant, balanced communities. The synergistic integration of the firm’s planning, design, environmental, and graphic/GIS services results in an approach that we call responsive planning.

T&B Planning is operated by two Principals, Joel Morse and Tracy Zinn. Joel and Tracy represent the third generation of the firm’s ownership, passed down over four decades like a family business.


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